Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 5: You know you're in Bergen when...

How do you know if you're in Bergen?? Well, here are a few ways....

1. You drink coffee black and at all hours of the day or night.

2. You're confused if someone you don't know smiles at you on the street (My theory is that they are just in a big hurry to get to a dry place, or a coffee).

3. Everything and anything is cozy, "koselig".

4. It doesn't matter how cold and wet, girls will still wear short dresses and tights out at night or short shorts with tights during the day! And heels...don't ask me how!

5. You bag your own groceries at the store.

6. Snus is just as popular as chewing gum. Ok, more popular.

7. You know what and where the Blue Stone is.

8. You may carry an umbrella but half the time, it doesn't even help.

9. Every other shop is a Thai restaurant or hair salon.

10. People flock outside when the sun comes out and you feel guilty if you're not one of them.

11. It snows but you wear your rain boots because soon enough, it will be slush.

12. You've eaten Grandiosa pizza or hot dog with bacon wrapped around it.

13. If you're looking for something to do, there is always a quiz night around somewhere.

14. You save your plastic water bottles to return to the grocery store.

15. If someone is coming to Norway, it's important to remind them to stop at Duty Free for some liquor.

16. You trip over everyone's shoes in doorways.

17. It's dumping rain/sleet/snow outside, but its ok, because you have your down jacket, scarf and gloves.

18. Beer or Cider?

19. An open faced sandwich for breakfast sounds delicious!

20. You know how to use a bread slicing machine at the grocery store.

21. There is pretty everywhere!

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