Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 2 in Bergen: Positive Employment Thoughts!

I've been in Bergen now for 2 weeks and 3 days and I'm still loving it! My most important task at the moment (aside from learning Norwegian) is finding a job. I've been searching like a crazy person. I know two weeks isn't too long, but I miss having a job, and I miss having an income.

Every morning I wake up and check the online job sites for new jobs and apply for any that sound good. I do the same at night before bed. I've applied for over 25 positions in many different areas...restaurants, cafe's, travel shops, retail, social work, teaching, personal assistant, and the list goes on. I have met with a few people and have a few leads I am really hoping for.

I worked at an SOS Organization in Bosnia and found that there is one here in Bergen. I got in touch with the representatives and had a meeting with them in Bergen. They were great people and the organization is wonderful. I am hoping to get on board with them as a volunteer to help implement a new program. I am hoping I'll be hearing from them soon!

From a contact at SOS, I was put in touch with the Center for Crisis Psychology here in Bergen. They provide services for children and adults who are in crisis. Exactly what I would love to be doing!! I am hoping for a meeting soon with them.

I'm also in touch with some great girls who moved here from abroad as well. Many of them are working at the International School. I heard that they need subs, so I sent them my CV. I'm really hoping I will hear back from them soon as well. Then, I'll have the chance to work with kids again!!

So, cross your fingers and toes and think some positive employment thoughts for me. I really want to be working by the time February rolls around (that's only 8 days!).

When I am not looking for jobs, I've been having a great time with my cousins and new friends. I had some of the best salmon sashimi ever out with the girls and had some very entertaining nights out at the bars. We took a trip to Osteroy (where one of my Aunt's live) and had a great time visiting and enjoying the great view.

Painting with my very talented cousins and Aunt. I'm proud to be named after her!!

A traditional Norwegian breakfast. Yummmmy!

How would you like to wake up to this view every morning?

And of course we had to watch 3D TV.

Things I miss at week 2:
1. Understanding entire conversations
2. Happy Hours and dining out
3. Working
4. Family and friends!!

Things I don't miss at week 2:
1. Stress at work
2. Crowded bars
3. Drama
4. Driving and parking everywhere

So, week two was also great. I can't wait to see what week three will bring!

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