Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life (so far) in Bergen

There was a request for apartment photos, so here they are. My cousins did a perfect job cleaning the place up for me so it was ready the day I arrived. It’s still a little bare and in need of d├ęcor, but it is perfect.

My street (around 4pm)!

The view from my apartment window.

The kitchen

The living area. Notice the very cute picture of my nephew that my cousin was nice to leave for me:)

My cozy bedroom

Before I arrived, I didn’t know what it would be like. Bergen in the wintertime isn’t known for being easy. I was expecting the worst, which I think is why things have been so great this far. The dark hasn’t bothered me a bit. I’ve been a little jet lagged and my cousins/housemates like to stay up late, so I haven’t been up in the am before 10 yet. I think waking up at 8am to no sun will be odd, but baby steps, right? It gets dark out around 5pm which doesn’t seem too different than at home during the winter. The weather has been very nice so far (this week it is expected we will have rain nonstop, so I may change my mind then). The temp has been nice and not too cold. It does rain at least once a day but not for long. I have my waterproof boots, jacket and umbrella and it just takes a little more effort to stay dry but is fine. It reminds me of being in a ski town with all the bundling and staying dry…except there is no snow, only rain.

The city is beautiful and I still can’t believe I live here right now. The view out my window is amazing, especially when the sun is coming through and you can see the mountains behind the rooftops. The walk to my other cousins apartment is gorgeous!! Here is a pretty picture.

The people and the town have been great. Norwegians don’t seem to be as outgoing and friendly so strangers will rarely say hello to one another. It has more of a “new York” feel, rather than a “Colorado” feel. Once you get to know the Norwegians, or give them a few cocktails, this is certainly not the case.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of cousins. I haven’t even seen them all yet, but so far I’ve been very busy and had a great time. We've made it out a few times and it's been great (anyone whos spent any time with my cousins know how entertaining shopping/a night out with them can be). I’m working to get more settled with a job/classes and hope to have more plans this week. Cross your fingers for me!!

Getting drinks with the boys!

Shopping at IKEA


  1. Sounds like you are having a brill' time :D

    I was expecting the darkness to be a problem for me and if I'm honest the first year I was here it was, this year however I'm surviving by throwing on comedy DVDs and just waiting it out! I have to agree about the stranger thing though, I've got a few dagger looks when I've sported someone a smile when walking down the street! Oops...

    Your apartment looks so cute! I'm hoping to visit Bergen sometime soon and get a looksie for myself since we live right down South

  2. Hello! Yes, so far it has been great!! I have comedy DVD's as well (Friends) and they are perfect for a good laugh on a dark day:) Ask me again next week though, as I'm only on day 6 now!! My biggest challenge now is job searching...

    Let me know when you make it to Bergen!!!