Friday, January 13, 2012

Mission: Learn to speak Norwegian

Now that I am in Norway, unemployed but settled into my new life, I have to focus on the most important thing. The one big goal of coming to Norway, and the one thing that will get me a good job here in Bergen...learn Norwegian.

I am not signed up for Norwegian courses yet, so how will I learn? I've told my cousins that they are no longer allowed to speak English to me and when I am around. They have been so wonderful to speak in English anytime I'm around so I can understand. No more. So, Norwegian only.

This will make me learn Norwegian, and fast. It will be frustrating and a little embarrassing, but good. I don't think the boys will enjoy it, as I will likely need to ask them over and over what they are talking about, what words mean and how to say things. But, they seem just as motivated for me to learn Norwegian, so I bet they'll be up for the challenge.

As far as the job search goes, I'm still on the lookout. Each morning and every night, I apply for jobs through the many online job sites. Most are in Norwegian so I am very grateful for google translate:) I'm also networking and dropping my CV off at the tourist shops, restaurants and bars (including a pastry shop called "Eat My Muffin"). My goal is to have a job by the first of the month (any job). I hope to have a professional position by March or April. The professional position will require my Norwegian be much better than it is now. Better get going.

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