Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One week in Bergen!!

Sorry, I have no pictures today. I promise I'll post lots next time!!

So, I've been living in Bergen for one week now. So far, it doesn't feel much different than another visit to Norway, but with my own cute apartment. It also has felt like one very long weekend.

Life here is very different than what I left at home. It may be jetlag but I am up till at least 1am, meaning I sleep until at least 9. No problem because I am currently unemployed. Plus, I woke up once at 8:30 and it was dark and sad looking outside so I went back to bed. It is rainy and overcast almost all of the time. It doesn't bother me once I'm out, but when I look out the window, I just feel like I should be cuddling up in bed with movies all day.

Grocery shopping is ten times more difficult here, but I like it. I don't have a car so I walk to and from the grocery store. This certainly helps me from overbuying. I forget how many choices there are in the US. At the grocery store, there are a million different types of toilet paper, toothpaste, chicken...of everything! Here, not so much. There are different stores and a few different selections, but not as much to compare. It is nice. The prices are not. Here are a few examples from my last shopping trip (converted into dollars).
4 rolls of toilet paper: $5
Listerine: $12
Siracha: $5
Bag of spinach: $5
2 chicken breasts: $10

General life stuff is different, but also nice. I don't have a car anymore, so I take the bus. The system here is great, so it isn't a problem. I don't live with 2 girls anymore. Now, I live with 3 boys which is brand new to me! I'm learning a lot about Soccer (Futbol), Snus, sleeping in and general male mentality. With the weather, I now have a de-humidifier machine that I have to turn on each morning when I shower. I've never heard of this before, as I come from a place where we try to ADD water to the air and use chap stick every 10 minutes. Another difference is that here don't seem to stress as much. They work, but when the work day is over, it's over. And lastly, I NEVER leave my apartment anymore without my umbrella, a scarf and waterproof shoes.

Things I miss:
1. My family and friends. Get on Skype already!
2. My bed, until I make it back to IKEA in Bergen for some more pillows:)
3. IAN. I miss working with the kids in Ethiopia and talking to my staff everyday in Addis. I hope every day that the kids are moving through the process and on their way home soon!
4. My straight hair. The humidity has made me Curly Sue!
5. Understanding what people are talking about. It makes it very difficult to people watch.

Things I do NOT miss:
1. My car
2. Negative adoptive parents and adoption drama
3. DVR
4. Greek Yogurt. One word...Noosa!!!!
5. The altitude. Running was so much better today, there was air!!!

I am still on the search for my job and Norwegian lessons. My cousins have been a great help and are confident that with my CV, I will be able to get a job soon (even with my lack of Norwegian speaking skills). I'll be happy to have a somewhat normal schedule here. Until then, I'm enjoying getting to know the city. It's only been one week but so far it's been great!! Here's to hoping next week will be even better!


  1. NiceNice, look forward to follow you here (+in real life of course:-)

  2. love reading your journey and know that we miss you!!

    PS. $5 tp? woah! we'd have to institute a usage allowance in my family! :)