Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 3: Living in a sitcom

Sometimes (like tonight), I feel like I'm living in my own little sitcom. A twenty something girl quits her job in Denver to move in with her quirky and hilarious cousins in Norway. They've been teaching me the "norms" in Norway, and I've brought some girly, American charm to our apartment. Here are just a few episodes from the last week...

Episode 1, Round and Round We Go: We got our Aunt's car this week and I drove everyone to our Norwegian class. On the way home, I was going to drop off one of the volunteers. On our way to her apartment, we lost our way...big time. I learned, there is no easy way to turn around in Norway. Five long tunnels later, we finally found a round-about. Everyone has seen the movie "Griswolds European Vacation", where he can't get out of the round-about. That was me. With two Norwegians speaking to each other in Norwegian, and me saying "Which way, which way!?", I just kept going around, and around, and around. We ended up dropping her off at the bus station, because we never did find her apartment.

I'm sure this is how I looked from above, for a few minutes at least.

Episode 2: I moved in and was so excited when I found Siracha at the grocery store, my favorite spicy sauce! I introduced this to my cousins and now we all eat it on everything. Norwegian food isn't exactly the most flavorful and I love spicy! So, my cousin and I get home from the bars the other night and he goes directly for something to munch on. I look up and what has he got? Celery and Siracha. I think the direct quote was "I love bloody marys, but why do I need bloody marys if I have celery, and siracha....SO good!". I do have a video of this, but I've been banned from posting it. Earlier that same night, we had discussed my cousin's love for the old tv show, "7th Heaven". They sang the theme song so many times that I had it stuck in my head for days. After eating his own version of a "Bloody Mary", he sang his favorite song, again.

I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world to have such a wonderful, fun and supportive family. People say Norwegians are “cold”, I’ve never known that because my cousins are the complete opposite of that. They have been so helpful during my first few weeks and are never short of a funny comment, story or even a song…

I’m so looking forward to the next episode


  1. I can definately see the sitcom in your life from these posts! The car in the roundabout - Thats me, just about every time I drive, honestly I think I'm too incapable of making decisions (turns!) to be on the road..

    The cold thing seems to apply to when people have no relationship between them ie. someone you bump into on the street. When you actually get to know Norwegian's and become part of their 'circles' so to speak they are actually super nice!

  2. Yeah, driving is always a challenge!! I'm grateful for buses!

    I agree about the "coldness". Give a Norwegian a beer and get to know them and they're super friendly!!