Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Very Bogetveit Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. When someone says "Christmas", a few things come to, food, cookies, shopping, decorations, snow, trees, joy. When someone says "Bogetveit Christmas", I think of some other words....Singing, dancing, candles, pinekjott, rutabegas, rice pudding, vacation, Gapter Road, neighbors, You'll shoot your eye out, happy.

At the Bogetveit house, we have two celebrations. Our Norwegian Christmas starts weeks before by lighting candles and eating rice pudding each Sunday. Then, a special dinner on December 24th with salted lamb, potatoes, singing around the Christmas Tree and opening of Norwegian Christmas presents. We then celebrate our American Christmas on December 25th with turkey, duck, and all the fix-ins.

Every year brings something new at the Bogetveit house. This year was no different.

When I was a little girl, my sisters and I would count down the days to Christmas and wait (im)patiently for Santa Clause. In the morning, we would have to line up from youngest to oldest. The youngest got to go out first, then the second youngest, then me, then the oldest. The few seconds my younger sisters had to see what was under our tree seemed to last forever. As we grew older, the enthusiasm and excitement faded. I started to get more excited for my family and friends to open what I had for them at Christmas. This year, we had some of that beautiful Christmas excitement back in the Bogetveit house.

The entire Bogetveit family stayed the night, plus the brother in laws, our neighbor friend and my nephew, Kaden. In the morning, Kaden woke up but had to wait for everyone. Jumping up and down, he said "HURRY UP, SANTA WAS HERE!" All the adults got to come out and wait and watch Kaden come out to see what Santa brought him, and it was good!!

Some other wonderful gifts this year...

A coffee mug for dad that has his favorite saying written on it. "A thousand swedes ran through the weeds, chased by only one Norwegian".

A Fragile leg lamp!

A beautiful (awkward) family photo from the Stasneys.

A homemade story book for Kaden.

And many, many other wonderful, thoughful gifts.

The fun didn't end with gifts. After Christmas this year came Christmas vacation in Florida!!!

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