Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy, pretty, scary, funny things

I woke up this morning and light was glaring into my window behind my bed. This is not a normal occurrence here in Bergen. I quickly grabbed my phone, thinking my alarm didn't go off and I had slept in. Nope, it was just that sunny.

I didn't have my camera downtown today, but here is the afternoon photo from my apartment window.

On the bus downtown, I went past the Bryggen and fish market and had one of my happy moments. What? I live here?? How did I get so lucky???

This weekend I went on a road trip with my two cousins to visit their brother. We drove through Hardanger, went skiing and visited with some Aunts and Uncles and saw some of the most stunningly beautiful scenery ever. Again, how lucky am I to live here!? Just check out some of these pictures!

A pretty waterfall on the way home

Me and the Berge boys outside of the apartment in Odda


Even more pretty!

The town my cousin lives in now (Odda) is very small. Everyone knows each other. After spending the day skiing, the boys decided to go out to the one and only pub they have in Odda. It was quite the experience. People were asking us "Why are you here? Did you get lost?". We got the feeling that people do not visit Odda very often. It may not be a popular tourist destination, but we sure enjoyed it.

At the pub in Odda

Driving in Norway is one of the scariest things I've ever done. There's a show called "Ice Road Truckers" and it's about big trucks driving on small icy roads. There are always small cars that the truckers almost crush because they can barely both fit on the road. Well, driving in Norway is like being that small car that is almost getting run off the road. Regardless of how scary it is, the views are just amazing. My poor cousins were forced to stop a few times to take some pictures of the most amazing landscapes ever! And there was no lack of entertainment in the car. My cousins are some of the best road trip buddies ever, with lots of entertaining songs and stories to keep things going.

I don't know what they were doing, but something shocking!

Yes, this is a two way road.

One of the many tunnels in Norway

On the road again...searching for a pub that would play their soccer game!

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  1. Dear Liz,
    This is great! What a fabulous post. Personally I love the mountains. I am from Denver, Colorado, USA, and have spent the majority of my life living at the base of the Rocky Mountains. I’m an avid skier and spend my summers hiking and backpacking among the 14,000’ peaks. I would love to learn more about your mountains, and the sports associated with them. How high are they? What are your favorite things to do in the mountains? How close are you to them?