Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank you, Craigslist!

It's December 18th, only one more week at work and 17 days till I jump on the plane to Norway!! This weekend was my last weekend in Denver before the move and Jacke's weekend at our house!!

I have been excited about this new adventure so far. Today was the first time I actually got sad. I was packing up my kitchen stuff and suddenly it felt real. Jacke was moving her last load to her new place, and my things were going in boxes. I'm moving my stuff out in the next two days and then I will no longer be on South Race.

After Jacke left and I spent a few minutes crying in my empty kitchen, I got to thinking how grateful I am for Craigslist. Yes, craigslist.

After I graduated from Grad school and got my new job, I was in a mad rush to find a new place to live closer to work. What's the easiest way to find a new place...Craigslist of course!! After reading through a few ads, I found two girls in Wash Park who sounded nice. I met with them and decided to move in. Why not, it couldn't be too bad. And my lease wasn't even for an entire year!! Little did I know that I would meet some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for. My two roommates and neighbor friends that I grew to love.

There are countless memories from this place. The "As Seen on TV" Engagement party,college party and most recent Everything party, two beautiful weddings, many hours of Criminal Minds, many, many happy hours and countless funny stories.

A few pictures from the last two years...

Growing up is hard and tonight I don't like it. Everyone grows up, gets married, buys apartments, moves away...but it never seems to get easier. I'm sad because I loved this place, my roommates, friends and life so much and I don't really want it to end. I just have to remember that there's another adventure just around the corner. In 17 days to be exact.

So again, thank you Craigslist. I'm just not sure what I would do without my South Race family and memories!!!

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