Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The test of the travel pro

What did I do the first day I decided I was going to Norway? I made lists, and lists for my lists. So much to do in just a few months! It looked a little like this...

Told my friends and family....went shopping....took a trip to San Francisco to apply for my Norwegian passport....bought airline tickets....sold loads of stuff on my Norwegian passport....went shopping....applied for jobs in Bergen....gave notice at my job....sold more stuff on craigslist....started taking Norwegian lessons....shopped more....organized a property manager for my rental property....started a blog....cancelled my gym/phone/etc....more shopping....threw a going away party....said goodbye to my roommate and then the most difficult part....packing my house and bags!

I have very few material items I wouldn't want to live without. If I was to pick something, my collection of photos would be at the top of that list. They are always the first thing I put up in a new place and they always make me feel like I'm home. This time, I took them down and put them in a box. They will have to stay safe in storage while I'm away...

When I started it didn't look too bad.

After a little more work, I found that I had a lot of stuff that filled almost 15 boxes!!

This is what I want to bring, organized in separate piles. It looks like a lot!!!

Now, here is my puzzle. For Norway, I'm bringing three bags. How on earth was this going to fit??? This seemed like a good test for a travel pro and I was ready! The airline only allows one, but I decided the extra bag fees may be worth it if I can bring my shoes!!!

Almost everything has been packed!!

And there is still space left, in all three bags!! That's perfect because I still haven't packed my bathroom stuff, sheets, and two more pairs of shoes.

I passed the test!!! Now, who wants to guess if I keep them within the weight limit???

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