Friday, December 9, 2011

One little piece at a time...

26 days left in Colorado. 10 days left at my job. That means it's time to pack and prepare the small office for the transition to no Liz.

Today was a sad day. I had to let go of some of my favorite things at work. I am slowly saying goodbye to my office, one little piece at a time.

#1, my MASSIVE computer monitor. I loved this and I had to switch with my co worker. My co worker is very happy.

#2, my Children's Board. All kids in Ethiopia on their way home were listed on my "children's board". I felt like an "auntie" to these beautiful children. Having their names on my board, in my office made me happy. I got to watch them move from "not matched" to "matched" to "court date" to "embassy date" then to "COMING HOME". What an amazing journey to watch (while working on my large computer screen). In two weeks, I'll be on the same side as the adoptive parents, waiting patiently for the announcements on facebook!

#3, emails to my in country staff! I talk to my Ethiopian staff every morning and email them every night. I feel honored to have met these people and worked with them for two years. They work day and night for the children we work to bring home to their forever families. It will be very strange when I don't have to think about time changes and translating Amharic/English on a daily basis!!

My office!! Oh, how I will miss you:)

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