Thursday, March 7, 2013

Moved to Boogie!!! The most beautiful place in the world.

Baugetveitvegen "Boogie"
I have moved more times than I can count.  Each new place has brought it's own adventure.  I was taking a trip down memory lane the other day, thinking about the places I lived over the last 10 years.  Out of all of them, all over the world, with all kinds of crazy people, this one is the BEST!

2003. 834 19th street
My house in Boulder, Colorado where I lived through college with my best girlfriends.  Only a lot of studying and no craziness in that house (because CU is well known for being a study school).

2005. The MV Explorer
I lived on board a cruise ship that was converted to a University and sailed around the world...then got hit by a 60ft rouge wave and nearly capsized the ship.  My room was a tiny box, but it didn't matter when a brand new country to explore was right outside the the front door.

2006. Bangkok, Thailand
I had the cutest little studio apartment.  But, it would get so hot and air conditioning was expensive, so I had 3 fans and would regularly wake up and sit half asleep in the dark for 10 minutes with the AC on, just to cool off a little.

2007. Uptown Denver roommates
I found the cutest house in Denver but with two quirky roommates I found on craigslist.  They loved hoola hooping in the front yard, burning man and burned incense constantly.  Loved the house, and also loved moving out!

2008. My own uptown apartment
The first time and only time I ever lived alone! I loved my little one bedroom.  Everything was perfect, except for the neighbor in the apartment building next to mine.  Randomly in the middle of the night, he would go outside and yell profanities over and over and over again, while picking up gravel and throwing it at his building.  I called the cops a few times, until they gave me the non emergency number and said I should try them.  Great.

2009. Sarajevo, Bosnia
Very interesting.  I was terrified every time I took the elevator because I could see the rope through the cracks and was pretty sure it was weakening each time the elevator was used. We had a couch in our kitchen and mortar shell scars covering the outside of our building!

2010. Wash Park roommates
I took the risk again and found a place on craigslist.  2 girls and a brown lab.  One of the best risks every because they are still great friends of mine.  Lots of great times in that house!!

2012. Edvardsens gate, Bergen, Norway
The majority of my family has lived in this apartment at some point.  It feels like a right of passage.  And living with 3 boy cousins was always an adventure.

I am now sleeping in the house my grandparents lived in.  My father was born and raised here with his 4 sisters, brother and mom and dad.  My Grandma still lives at the farm in a cute apartment right next door.  The house sits at the base of a mountain and is surrounded by beauty everywhere.  The house is old and full of character.  I love every squeak and crack.  At night you can hear the house talking to you. There is no true way to describe how it feels to be in a place with so much family history.

There is only one good way to describe the move here...and that is through pictures.

My little kitchen bed where I stayed between moves. Not sad to say farewell to this.

My stuff

My cousin's stuff

Just a "quick" trip to IKEA
The house

Another picture of the beautiful house

The barn entrance
If I'm going to be a farmer, I have to have a tractor

Inside the barn. It needs a little work...and this is only 1 of 3 levels!

My BIG, beautiful kitchen that overlooks the mountainside!! 

I'm ready for some cookin'

The old wooden staircase

My farm bedroom
Cozy living room/dining room

I am in love with it here.  I just want to hang out at home and organize, decorate and farm.  I know there is already so much love in this house, and SO much history.  I can't even imagine how much the next few years will bring!!  I can't wait for the family get togethers, farm life and new adventures!!


  1. That farm house is amazing!!! Congratulations. In reading the places that you've lived, it seems you've done a lot of traveling. Do you think you will stay on the farm for awhile? I lived in Denver/Boulder for about 14 years. I lived by the cemetery that's west of the CU campus in Boulder, and I lived off of Pearl Street in Denver, close to Wash Park, but mostly lived in City Park. My husband is Norwegian and we are planning to move to Norway in about a year.

  2. Thanks!! It is a wonderful place, I can't believe how beautiful! I do plan on being here at least for a few years, so you should plan a visit when you move to Norway! By the time you move to Norway, we should have berries to pick and a cute cafe to sit for a cup of coffee! Will you be moving to Bergen? It's always nice to have a fellow Boulder/Denverite around!!

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