Monday, March 18, 2013

Farm Life in Bergen

A fireplace, a cozy blanket, fresh banana bread in the oven, and 5 generations of family history.  It is all too surreal to fully grasp yet.  Since moving into Bogetveit, things have just gotten better and better.  In the last 10 days since moving in, we have had more family visits than months of living in Edvardsens.

My two Aunts and cousins looking at pictures

There are so many aspects of living in the "country" of Bergen that I didn't realize I would love.

First off, the people are different than in the city.  Everyone is so friendly and happy.  I was shocked when a woman smiled and said hello in the grocery store parking lot.  The neighbors are always coming over for a nice chat and there are loads of hikers and visitors that walk by and smile.

It isn't far from the city and is very close to a big shopping center, but when i'm here, I feel like i'm ages away from anything.  It is quiet and still and at night you can see every star in the sky.  There is a calmness in the air and you can't help but feel relaxed.  I can't help but think this might change once we have animals to feed and berries to pick!!

Relaxing in the sunshine with my morning coffee

The kitchen.  Oh, how I love the kitchen.  I think the boys do too, because I can't seem to stop cooking and baking tasty treats (My cousin is up 4kg since moving in...oops).  Some of my favorites so far....well, I will have to make a list with pictures.

"Inside out" iced coffee = frozen coffee cubes topped with milk

Goat cheese and date stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in proscuitto

Homemade Chicken Broth

French toast with berry syrup and homemade yogurt

Taste tester

Banana chocolate crunch muffins

I have lived in many places, but can easily say this is the most beautiful.  I can't get over the view from my bedroom window every morning when I wake up and from the front door when I leave every day.  It is like the Taj Majal.  The view of the mountain changes depending of the time of day, and each time is so amazing.  And yes, I did just compare my front yard to one of the 7 wonders.  I just think it is that beautiful!!

A snowy morning
Sunny daytime

The most amazing thing about living here is the history.  The house feels like a home because you know what and who has been here.  My Aunts came over for dinner and talked about living here as kids.  My Great Grandpa left his initials all over the place, as we've found "NB" scratched into the wood. I talk to my dad on Skype and he was telling me the different names of each room.  I think if a house had feelings, this one would be overwhelmed with joy.

The cousins checking out an old picture of polar bears that used to scare us as kids when we used to visit.

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