Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm moving (again)!

People who know me well might read the title of this post and think "oh, where are you moving to now, Liz?"  7 years ago it was Thailand, 4 years ago it was Bosnia, one year ago it was Norway.  Well, this time I won't be relocating to a new, far away country.  It is an easy and close move, but by far one of the biggest ones I have ever made.

I am moving to Baugetveit.  My family's farm in Bergen, about 5 minutes from the ├ůsane shopping center (15 minutes from where I live now).  My dad grew up there with his brother and 4 sisters and my Grandma has been living there for over 60 years.  It is a beautiful farm and the best place I can imagine waking up to every morning.

Here is Baugetveit.  The barn and house.

You may be asking why it is such a big deal? First of all, I will be living in Norway.  Meaning, I am making a commitment to live here for more than just 6 months at a time.

Second, I am going to start farming.  Yes, Farmer Liz.  I will still be working as a teacher at the school but will take on farming as an additional "job".  With some help from my cousins, we are going to get the farm up and running again, pigs and all!  We will be planting lots of berries and vegetables this spring and will have a few baby farm animals!

I have a very, very big family and my hope is that everyone will be involved.  There is a lot of room at the house and an open invitation for family to come stay (or pick berries) any time they'd like!! It is in fact the family farm, so what better place to get the family together!!  


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  2. That is a good idea! You really need a big space for your big family. Wish you enjoy living in Bergen and have a good start.

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  4. Awesome Experience! It's nice idea to going to start farming with cousins.Thanks for posting.