Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 20: Summertime in Bergen, is it day or night?!

There is one thing I will never get used to during the summer in Bergen...leaving the bars at night to see blue skies.  What??? Didn't it just get dark out?

As the summer grows on us, so does the daylight.  Every day is brighter and brighter.  Lately, it doesn't even get dark as much as dusk.  Its amazing to have so much light, but it's very confusing.  I finally bought myself (ok, partially homemade) curtains for my apartment that block out the daylight.  You would think lots of light would be nice, but its throwing me off completely.  All of the sudden, it's 11:30 at night, but looks like it's maybe 8pm.  This means, my bedtime is getting later and later and I don't even notice it!  So, I have to consciously make it night and day.

BC (before curtains) I would wake up to the light, thinking I overslept and stressing that I was sleeping my day away only to look at my clock and see that it was 4am!! Now that I have curtains, my apartment is blacked out and I sleep and sleep until I open my curtains and make it daytime again!!

It's 11:30pm in downtown Bergen. There are still so many people out and you would never imagine it was almost midnight!!

11:30pm in Downtown Bergen (please ignore the thumb).  You can see the reflection of the sunset in the windows.

Outside of the amazing light comes the people in the city.  During the wintertime, there are rarely people out.  Some walking to and from the bus, running through the streets trying to find shelter from the rain.  Now that summer is here, people are everywhere!! There is a new cruise ship every day and people wandering around town speaking different languages and taking in the beautiful sights.  Restaurants set up tables outside, there are new festivals every weekend (here is a picture of one music festival) and people are smiling.

The last week has brought continuous sunshine.  You can tell we've had a lot of sun when you look around and see that everyone is red with a sunburn and proud of it. The sunshine has brought heat, something I forgot about.  And in Norway, there is no need for air conditioning, so it is hot.  Hot at night when you're sleeping, hot in coffee shops and its like a sauna in the bars. Still, everyone smiles to have heat and sunshine!!  Even after spending a full day in the direct sunlight, Norwegians refuse to sit inside and out of the sun.  You must take advantage of it while it's here!!

What did I do this last week in the sun? Hiking almost every day I was in Bergen, sitting at the park, BBQing, and taking trips to visit family and friends.  I went to Sotra, an island near Bergen, to an International Camp my cousin was leading.  We grilled, played games and watched the kids swim in the freezing cold water.  I visited my Aunts house in Osteroy (about an hour from Bergen).  Her house is on the fjord and so beautiful.  We sat in the sun, ate, drank coffee and jumped in the fjord.  My fear of dark water meant it took me an extra 10 minutes to get the guts to jump in, but I did it.  It wasn't that cold with all the sun we've had and was actually very refreshing.

This was worth taking a picture of, because it didn't seem real.  But oh, it was real!!  

Me and the troll at Floyen!

The perfect picture of a Norwegian sunny day. Voss water, coffee, sunbathing and fjords!!  Perfection!

Feeling proud after jumping in the chilly fjord waters in Osteroy.

Now I'm starting to plan my visit back home to Colorado.  I'll be there for six weeks, celebrating my little sisters wedding, another little addition to the Bogetveit clan (my first Niece!), my friend's first baby boy, and lots of visits with friends and family.  And of course, a dentist appointment and hair appointment :)  It will be a fun filled 6 weeks that I'm sure will fly by.  I can't wait to see everyone that I have missed for the last 6 months!!

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