Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 18: Babies, weddings and world travel?

I can't believe it! I've been in Norway for 18 weeks now, and I'm going to Colorado in 20 days!!! I did book my ticket back to Norway, but not until I have a good 6 weeks in Colorado!! That's right, I'm in Colorado from June 2nd until July 16th!! The last few weeks have been full of visits from family and friends, preparation for my time at home, wedding planning for my sister and planning (ok, thinking about) my future plans.

My sister and her friend came to Bergen for 10 days and it was amazing. Not only was it wonderful to see my sister after 5 months in Norway, but she brought with her sun (and a few items from home i've been missing). We had a great time visiting family, shopping, eating, drinking and enjoying the beautiful Bergen sunshine!

Me and my sis at the Bryggen!!

There are 17 cousins on my Norwegian side. One night, we had a get together and had 10 of the 17 cousins celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The 7 cousins who couldn't make it were either out of the country, too far away in Norway or too young to drink (under 6 years old). I see my cousins a lot, but it was so nice to see everyone all at once!!

 With my sisters departure came a new job for planning for the upcoming wedding (only 34 days away). So, on the days I am not at the International School, I'm sitting on my laptop looking for bands, caterers, bachelorette party accessories and wedding favors.

Outside of the wedding planning and preparation, there are also the many babies my close family and friends are expecting in the near future. I am so excited for all of them, and to be Auntie Lizzie to more than just one special little boy. I was surprised by my own emotions and reactions to the pregnancy news. Am I old enough now that my close friends and family are getting married and becoming parents? It's a surreal feeling when you realize that you are an adult. It makes every decision I have to make much bigger.

Decisions, both exciting and unbelievably scary. I'm at the place in my life where I get to make these exciting life changing decisions. I don't have a wedding of my own or children I need to think about when making big life decisions. I have more opportunities available to me than the average person, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Who else has to decide...stay in Norway, move back to Colorado, move to Spain to teach English???

No decisions have been made yet, as I like to see where the wind takes me.  For now, I'm enjoying my time in Norway with friends and family and looking forward to my visit home, my new niece and celebration of my little sister's marriage.

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  1. I will be sad if you move away to spain or back to colorado but if you do its more of an excuse to come and visit!!