Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Recap: Wedding, baby, vacation (fun)

I left Bergen for vacation on June 2nd.  5 weeks in Boulder/Denver turned into 10 weeks.  And in these 10 weeks, there were so many exciting moments.  One new brother in law, one new niece, exciting news, visits with friends, one lake vacation, and lots and lots of fun!

The first few weeks were busy with last minute wedding planning and preparation. Then, on June 16th, my little sister walked down the isle and married Cody Stoltzfus.  Mimosas and bloody marys, cupcakes, and dancing.  Lots of dancing.  What a fun day!!

Brunch Wedding in the back yard
Perfect backyard setup

Mr. & Mrs. Stoltzfus

While we were getting everything ready for the big wedding, my other younger sister was 9 months pregnant and unable to chase her 3 year old around any longer.  Which meant, I got to.  I spent almost every day with my wonderful nephew and had the best time!! He is an impressive little guy, I would like to call him a genius.  He can point out all types of cars, sings along to a number of different songs and has a special way of making you laugh.  Every once and a while, we got to bring along his little friend.  What an adorable pair.  It's only been a week and I miss him already!!

Kaden in his lightning McQueen car with his best friend, Kitty.

Whole Foods with Aunt Lizzie

Hanging out with his bestie

Getting ready to meet his little sister with a hair cut in a Mercedes.

We waited and we waited and finally, Flop (Kaden's name for his sister) made her way into the world.  She was born on July 9th, 8 pounds, tall, with dark hair.  Sophia Elizabeth (named after me).  Kaden loves her so much, it makes your heart melt every time you see them together.  I didn't think it would be possible to love another little one as much as I do Kaden.  But, it's possible.  I don't know how I will be able to wait another 6 months before I see her and Kaden again!!

Kaden, so excited to meet "Flop"

Me and my (first) niece

Oh my gosh, she's real!!

Niece and Nephew

Baby Sophia Elizabeth

Love you Sis!!

You'd think after a wedding and a new baby, there wouldn't be anything more to celebrate.  But not in my family.  More exciting news!! My older sister and brother in law are expecting a BABY GIRL!!!!  I could not be more excited for them!  And I am so proud of my sister, who made it through her first trimester and looks amazing!!!  I'll have to figure out a way to get back to Colorado in January to meet my second niece!!

I finished up my vacation with another vacation.  I extended my trip so I could go with my family to North Carolina and visit my mothers home town, spending a week on the lake.  Wakeboarding, swimming, fried pickles and sweet tea and loads of fun!!

Shanteelah Lake

Swan Cabin

The U-Pick farm

I said goodbye to my family, kissed the babies goodbye and got on my flight back home to Bergen.  I was surprised to be so happy to be back.  A few raindrops, a grandiosa pizza and a big cup of Norwegian coffee and I felt like I was home again.  I am back to work at the International School and hoping to start Norwegian classes again in September.  I'm excited for what I'm sure will be a very exciting next few months in the rainy city.  

Hiking at Bogetveit, through my favorite forest

Me and Nicole, hiking in the rain

Thanks for catching up!! Promise I won't wait another 3 months before posting again:)

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