Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 15: How I know I live in Norway

Almost 4 months in Norway and I think I've started to blend in. How do I know? Well, I've realized I've started to live the Norwegian way...or what I think is the Norwegian way. Here are just a few examples:

1. When I go to the store, my list always includes bread, eggs, milk, cheese, cucumbers and red peppers.

2. I drink morning coffee, afternoon coffee, hanging out with friends coffee, wasting time coffee, Norwegian class coffee and dessert coffee.

3. I always have a lunch packed for work (matpakke), which includes my open faced sandwich with cheese, cucumber and red peppers and a clementine or kiwi.

4. If I leave the house and forget my matpakke, there's always kaffe og bolle at Narvessen waiting for me.

5. I'm waving down my bus so it doesn't leave me waiting.

6. I have frozen cod and rolls in my freezer.

7. I'm wearing rain boots, a wool sweater, scarf and rain jacket.

8. I colored my hair using boxed hair dye.

9. I take Omega 3 tablets every day.

10. I have Draw Something and Wordfeud downloaded on my phone.

11. The sun came out the other day, so I went outside to sit in the sun, smiled and shivered as I watched as many others did the same.

12. I feel terribly guilty for every second spend indoors during a sunny day.

13. I bring my own drinks to parties.

14. Last weekend, I wore a dress, leggings and heeled shoes out! Goodbye jeans:)

15. I can vacation to Spain and it only takes about 4 hours by plane.

16. In Spain, I am in awe over the cheap prices of food, drinks, haircuts and clothes!!

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