Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 13: Easter (Påske) break in Bergen/Spain

You know when you have been away from the sun (and happy hours) for 12 weeks, then you go somewhere where they have sun nearly every day and are well known for their tapas and delicious Spanish wine? Well, this place was Spain and I got to go there this week. When I got there, I had a euphoric, warm, happy emotion and made me feel like I should jump up and sing. I have been to many different countries and can honestly say it was one of the greatest places I've ever visited. I quickly fell in love with the food, people and culture.

So happy to be in beautiful Spain!

One of the many pretty pictures of Torre del Mar

Easter in America for me has always been celebrated on one day and most of the time involves a big family brunch, an Easter bunny, a basket full of candy and an Easter egg hunt in my family's big back yard. It's a completely different story in Norway and in Spain.

Easter in Norway is celebrated over more than a week. Kids are out of school, adults have a few days off of work and they have special meals, treats and events just for Easter. A few of these include:

Easter Events:
Påskekrimmen (Easter crime): Norwegians love their crime stories and Easter is a great time for them. They have crime stories listed on milk cartons during the week of Easter and a crime series on TV specifically for Easter.

Påskefjell (Easter Mountain): Easter is a great time to go on a hike in the mountains. This is the term for that.

Påskenøtter (Easter quiz/trivia): Norwegians also love their trivia. They have special quizzes that they play on the radio that people can call in with their answers and win prizes.

Easter Food:
Påskekylliing (Easter chicken)
Påskelam (Easter lamb)
Påskemarsipan (Easter Marsipan)

Easter crime shows

Norwegian milk cartons with Easter crime stories.

Now, Easter in Spain is more extravagant as well. In each city, they have special parades. They wear their traditional cultural outfits, carry big featured floats, and play music. They do this for many nights and on the last night, walk overnight until early in the morning! It was wonderful to see.

Some beautiful Spanish girls in their outfits during the parade. I was shocked that they walked in really high heels for hours!

One of the many big floats they carry during the parade. They have many people carrying it on their shoulders. It was very impressive.

Some of the cultural outfits warn during the parade in Torre Del Mar.

Outside of the Easter celebrations, I enjoyed so many other things Malaga had to offer. One of my favorites was our visit to the White City.

The White City!

The streets in the White City were so cute!!!

This was the cemetery at the White City. It is a very well known, beautiful cemetery and it was fascinating to see.

Me and the White City

Then, there was the food and drinks. I loved everything I tasted!! Fresh fish, Allioli, Ceviche, Paella, Chorizo, Churros, Candied walnuts, flan, meatballs, prawns...oh this list could go on forever!! I didn't say no to anything, which is why I just ate brussel sprouts for dinner.

Delicious Fish at a very well known restaurant!!

Spanish tapas

Fresh Churros with homemade chocolate dipping sauce! I think i'll be dreaming about these!

Paella and Champagne!

Chorizo on fresh bread, candied walnuts and a beer. Yum!!

And the people were amazing! We spent one night out with some of my Aunt's friends and they were the most wonderful people! I met one man who offered me a teaching job in Madrid. I won't lie, that sounds tempting after this last week!!

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