Saturday, October 19, 2013

Family, Farewells, Floods, and Fall

It seems the farm work has taken over and I have had no time to update my blog.  Sorry for that.  Now that summer is over, I have more spare time to relax, and update you all on...everything.

Isra and I returned from our trip to Colorado a few weeks ago.  It was wonderful to get back home and see everyone again.  This trip was different than all the others.  I was showing Isra Colorado, and in the end, I was introduced to a beautiful place I never really realized existed.  I saw new sights and did new things and saw everything from another perspective.  It was 2 weeks of non stop activity and fun.  We drove all over the state, to Pueblo, up to South Park then to Crested Butte, to Utah, Glenwood Springs, and Vail (all thanks to the wonderful Nicole, who loaned us her car).  I had so much fun that I think i've entered some sort of post vacation depression.  To sum up our trip, here is a small montage of photos from our two weeks.

Sushi in Iceland, on our way to Denver

Crested Butte

On our way to Glenwood Springs from Crested Butte

More beautiful driving

Isra's first delivery chinese food in a hotel in Rifle, Colorado

Made our way to Utah. Random, I know.

Then, back to Colorado.

My favorite.  My sister and brother in law have not yet finished their house, but they were kind enough to put together a nice bedroom in their unfinished kitchen.  A few nights into our trip, we found an electric bug zapper.  Isra's favorite thing to do before bed was getting all of the mosquitos out of the room by zapping them to death.  It did not always smell good, but we had no bites.

The rodeo!! I had never been and it was quite the experience.

Calla and Joe's wedding in Crested Butte.  What a wonderful couple to celebrate.  We love you Calla, Joe and Miles!

Mr. and Mrs. and Mini

What a view!

The state fair carnival.  We won a stuffed elephant and named him "Pueblo".

Isra winning.

Our night in Vail, Colorado.

My family gave us an amazing welcome at the airport.  This is only some of the signs.

And the best part, lots of time with the family.  Look at these cute kids I get to call MY nieces and nephew!

Yes, we shot and killed a rabbit at my sister and brother in law's house...then ate it for dinner. 

Go Buffs!!

Isra's first American football game.

After two exhausting but amazing weeks in Colorado, we headed back to Norway.  Isra's good friends were coming to visit, and not long after my dad was scheduled to arrive.  Just 3 days after we got home and the day my Dad arrived from Denver, my home town of Boulder was hit by the 100 year flood.  The worst disaster Boulder has seen in years.  My family home was flooded, as well as many cities and neighborhoods in Colorado.  Over 100 homes were destroyed and others badly damaged.  There was about 6 inches of water in my parents home, and everything had to be trashed.  My dad left Norway early to help with the disaster.  He said he was surprised the house was still standing.  After the water receded, dozens of people started showing up at my parents house to help with the mess.  Together, they cleaned up the hardest and nastiest part of the flood leftovers.  It has been heartbreaking and terrifying to see your childhood home underwater, knowing your things are being thrown away, and watching as the city breaks down and crumbles.  But, knowing that everyone I love is safe and seeing how the community and family comes together to help one another brings some happiness in the sight of disaster.  I am grateful that I have these people in my life and that they can be together to support one another when I am so far away. 

My house, with all the stuff removed.

A car in front of our neighbors house.

The creek in our backyard, normally low enough for my 4 year old nephew to walk through.

The aftermath of my parents house, and my wonderful friends helping to clean.

The houses are being repaired and after a month, my parents are moving out of the hotel and back into their guest house while they wait to complete the repairs on their house.  My sister has moved into a new apartment and things sound like they are getting back to "normal" in Boulder.  It has been difficult to be so far away from my family during this time, but I am so happy every day that they have so many people around them to support them.

While the water fills the streets of Boulder, we have experienced beautiful fall weather in Bergen, with suprisingly little rain.  Last weekend, Isra and I were outside in the sun in our shorts and t-shirts and I even got a little sunburned.  Today, I lit our fireplace because you can feel the chill in the air outside.  It is not raining (yet) but it is starting to feel like fall is over and winter is just around the corner. 

Just hanging out.

The view from the living room.

Enjoying the sunshine with the sheep.

Hi, sheep friends.

Pink sunset on the mountains

Fall leaves

Pretty fall trees

I was surprised this when I woke up to find my car had broken down.  I didn't look at this as a complete disappointment, because it presented Isra and I with the opportunity for a little fall adventure.  We live up a big hill and have had to walk up and down with groceries, early in the morning and late at night.  Every time it is beautiful.

Hiking up the hills with our groceries

It's a long walk

And walking to work in the morning. Yes, it is that dark.

The coming weeks will bring even more adventures.  I'm not sure how long it will take before my car is repaired.  The snow may be just around the corner.  It's getting darker and darker outside. And vacation in Spain is in just 10 weeks.  

I'll be updating again soon!!


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your flooded home. It could have ruined your otherwise really amazing vacation, but it’s nice to know that you remain positive despite that. I guess it’s hard to be negative about it when you know that you have a whole community there to support you. Here’s wishing you more exciting adventures!

    Gail Wallace

  2. Thanks, Gail! We were very lucky to have so many wonderful people to help out and support us during the flood.

  3. That looks rather devastating. I can only imagine the level of shock you faced at the moment. So, how are things now? Have you been sufficiently insured? Anyways, you should indeed be amply compensated and not have had to shoulder all the expenses for all of those.

    Charlena Leonard @ Weidner Law

  4. Luckily, with our house being right on the creek, we had flood insurance. We are working on rebuilding now. It has been a big loss but everyone involved are doing well. Thank you!