Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's real

Everyone has dreams.  Everyone makes plans in order to make their dreams come true. I wasn't satisfied with my life in Denver, so I moved to Norway.  I spent years dreaming of my prince charming.  And last year, my cousin and I stumbled upon the dream of waking up our old family farm and turning it into something.  We talked about moving into the old farm house, u-pick berry farming, animals, a farm store and restaurant, and bringing Baugtveit farm to life again.

Well...I had a day that made me realize how close to reality my dreams are today.

I woke up in the morning and looked out my old farm house window to see the breathtaking mountain of Baugetveit looking down upon me.  Sitting below, my little farm cafe and shop.  Behind that, I could see the farm ducks hanging out with the pet rabbits while waiting for the hens to come out of their coop.  I gave my sweet boyfriend a good morning kiss, got up and went downstairs to finish my baking for the day (cheesecake, quiche and rosemary and sea salt bagels).  My cousin opened the doors to the cafe and put on a fresh pot of coffee.  We all sat outside, taking care of customers as they walked by on their way to their Norwegian hike.  My cousin went next-door to visit with Grandma while I served sweet tea and whoopee pies to our cafe customers.  In the afternoon, we heard the sound of horses coming up the street and saw our neighbors on their two horses.  So, the boys took them for a quick ride.  In the afternoon, Isra (the prince charming) and I went on a short hike up the mountain in our backyard.  When we reached the top, we were looking out upon the Norwegian fjords and the beautiful sunset.  It is moments like this, all compiled together into one day that make me wonder..."is this real"?

Yes.  It is.  I am a "farmer".  I live with my cousin and boyfriend in the house my father was raised.  I bake delicious American treats, serve coffee and sell tasty and unique Norwegian products.  I collect eggs, chase chickens away from my cafe and pick ticks off of bunnies ears.  If someone told me this is what I would be doing when I was 29, I'd have told them they were crazy.

The best part about this dream coming true is that it wasn't just my dream.  My Aunts glow with happiness to see us working at the farm.  My grandmother has her grandkids next-door and new visitors every day.  She likes to ask us every day what we sold in the cafe, who came by and hear what I am baking the next day.  Her big smile says it all.

The entire process hasn't been easy.  Of course, we have had our own challenges to overcome.  But in the end, I achieved my dream and isn't that what life is all about?

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