Friday, February 3, 2012

One month in Bergen: The view from my window

Yesterday was one month in Bergen. And it has been an amazing month. It feels so right that it's like I've been here forever, but it also feels like yesterday that I just got off the plane.

The one thing everyone in Bergen has in common is the weather. It is a topic that comes up in conversation daily. Yes, the weather is difficult, but I don't mind it. I've seen many pretty views of ugly weather from my apartment window.

Week 1: My first morning and first view from the window. Muggy, but what a beautiful view!!

Sun and blue skies!!

A cold, rainy day

Snow day!

Each day brings new things. At one month, I am now taking Norwegian classes, have a job (kinda), I'm searching for a new job and having a great time!!

I started at level two in Norwegian and it is still a review from what I learned years ago. It's a challenge, but I'm loving it.

I am a substitute teacher at the International School of Bergen. I've been with them for one week, but I haven't been called in yet. I am hoping next week will be the week, but not on Monday.

Monday I have a meeting with a very important man who may be able to help me find a job working at a foster care home for children, many of them immigrant children. I am crossing my fingers and toes that something will come of it. Help me out if you can!!

Things I miss at one month:
1. My family and friends. I am so happy for Skype!!
2. Loads of big, fluffy, white snow, with snow days, snowmen and shoveling.
3. Shopping for clothes.

Things I don't miss at one month:
1. Denver water
2. Driving in the snow
3. Stress
4. The view from my Denver window

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