Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surviving Winter in Norway: Hibernation is over!

I've posted before about wintertime in Norway.  This year I got to experience it at the secluded farm house in the mountain.  Never-ending darkness. Sideways rain. Slush. Wind that sounds like it will blow the house down.  Maybe a little snow. Cold.  I wasn't sure how I was going to make it without completely freaking out.  I am not as Norwegian as my blood says.  The rain does stop me from going running outside or taking a day trip to visit friends for coffee. Well, I did it.  This is how...

1. I had a good hang-out buddy.  

Not only is is quiet and relaxing (and dark) during the winter months, but it can get a little creepy.  I was scared walking outside to my car at 8am.  Thank goodness I had Isra there to keep me company and remind me that Zombies aren't real.

It helps if your buddy is this cute

2. I found a good series (or two).

Thank goodness for Netflix.  Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.  Followed by some Friends or The Office.  When the sun goes down at 3:30 and your living room window looks like a car window inside a car wash, sometimes the best thing is a good show, cozy blanket and a cup of tea.

3. I learned how to bake bread.

The smell of bread baking is one of the coziest smells ever and somehow warms me up inside and out.  Plus, baking bread takes time, which you have when you stay inside for more hours than usual.

4. I became obsessed with a new game. 

When you decide it is time to turn off the shows, you need something else fun to do.  Isra and I became obsessed with Rummy 500 and Liverpool (card games).

5. For the times I had to go outside, I wore wool, rain gear from head to toe, and considered goggles a few times.

It is impossible to avoid the outside.  We must live and work of course.  So, it is important to ensure you are covered as much as possible when facing the outside.

6. Last but not least, soak up any and all good weather.  

There were times when the sun would come out and we would run outside (with our warm jackets on), just to get a glimpse of the sun, and a view of the pretty landscape.  Because after all, it is gorgeous here.

Now the spring is here.  The days are getting longer and longer and the sun has been shining for nearly 3 weeks.  It is time to switch gears; put up the dark curtains, turn off the tv and go for a hike in the sunshine.

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