Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A month of Thanks!!

November.  To every American this means one thing...Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, a day of turkey, potatoes and gravy, pies, football and family.  It also is a great reminder of the many things we have to be thankful for.

Now, since I don't get to celebrate Thanksgiving as I usually do, I am spending the month reminding myself of what I am truly thankful for.  I am starting today, on November 1st and will be done on Thanksgiving.

Today I am thankful for...

November 1
Today I am thankful for a safe, warm bed and house with working electricity.  I am thinking of all those stuck in the US after Sandy without these things.

November 2
Today I'm thankful for Fridays.

November 3
I am thankful for nice weather.  There is rain so often in Bergen that a day of sunshine and dry air is heavenly.

November 4
Today I'm grateful for internet.  Today, I was able to be in Denver and Bergen at the same time to celebrate my sisters baby shower (ok, over Skype but close enough).

November 5
Thank goodness for coffee!! I wouldn't make it through a Monday without it!

November 6
Voting day! I'm grateful today for that privilege.

November 7
Sales at the grocery stores.  After living in Bergen for long enough, I've learned to love these and be so grateful for any and all specials, even if I have to go to 3 grocery stores to get everything I need.

November 8
Lose Yourself by Eminem.  My favorite running song that keeps me going any time I feel like I'm going to be flung off the treadmill due to exhaustion.

November 9
Norwegian Quote of the day toilet paper. Great for practicing Norwegian :)

November 10
Birthdays! It is a celebration of one more year of life, but also a wonderful reason to get together with family and friends.

November 11

Workout buddies!! Spinning is way more entertaining when there are others with you to laugh at the funny, bouncy instructor.

November 12
My Dad!! November 12th marked Fars Dag in Norway, which of course will make me think of my Norwegian Dad.  I feel like the luckiest lil girl in the world!

November 13
Facebook birthday reminders. Sorry folks, I don't think i'd be able to remember everyone's day without the help!

November 14
My dad's old Izuzu Rodeo.  When I was 16 and learning to drive, I was forced to practice and take my drivers test on this manual truck.  I am so grateful to this day that I am able to drive any type of car.

November 15
A job!! I am so grateful to have a job and a paycheck when there are so many people out there searching.

November 16
Airplanes!! World travel has made the world a smaller place.  I live on the opposite side of the world from those who I love the most, but with a click of a button (and a few dollars), I have a plan to visit my family and friends, and meet my newest niece!!

November 17
Education!  I was given the opportunity to receive a higher education at two well known universities, something very few people can say.  I had the chance to attend a conference this weekend and further my education even further.

November 18
Cupcakes and wine...need I say more?

November 19
Edvardsensgate. The apartment in Bergen.  Like a university has student housing, our family has family housing.  Nearly everyone has lived in this apartment in Bergen at one point.  My dad, my aunts and uncles, and loads of cousins.  Here, the cousins have become good friends, we all have at least one funny story about living here.  Thank you to my Grandpa for buying it years ago!!

November 20
My American drivers license.

November 21
Visitors!! My dad is coming to Norway today and I am so excited to see him!

November 22
Last but SO not least, my family and friends all over the world.  I would need years to thank everyone individually for all that they have done.  I truly am one of the luckiest people in the world to be surrounded by such awesome people!!!!!!!

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