Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The American Girl in Edvardsens

Norwegian speaking, Football, Fifa, beer, pizza, loud music, snus, action movies, military, inappropriate comments, more beer, sleeping in, cigars, politics, a lot more football, Flight of the Concords, construction, 5 minute haircuts and no toilet paper.  Otherwise knows as, the boys...

English speaking, nail painting, cooking, occasional tears, early mornings, pink towels, teaching, scented candles, Skype calls, Project Runway, baking, makeup, 50 Shades of Grey, shopping, blow dryers and hair straighteners, country music, Me...

Mix these and you get 4 cousins, one douchbag jar, confusing looks, explanations and lots and lots of funny pictures and stories...

Here are just a few glimpses into life at Edvardsens...

We started the douchbag jar after watching "New Girl".  When I first moved in, there were quite a few comments or gestures I considered over the top "boy".  Ok, just gross and I don't feel like repeating them.  So, in order to keep these comments to a minimum, we implemented the jar.  If you do or say something above and beyond...douchbag jar.  Recently, it's become more of a "healthy behavior jar" after we implemented some additional rules.

1. "Douchy" comments and gestures: 5KR
2. Smoking (no, I'm not smoking..this is the boys): 10KR/cigarette
3. Eating Ben and Jerrys (If you know me, you know this is mine): 20KR
4. Frozen pizza (for one cousin in particular): 5KR
5. Working out less than 2 times per week: 5KR
6. Getting kicked out of/not let into a bar: 50KR

It's only empty because we just withdrew 700KR from the first two months!!
Honesty: I was hanging out with my cousin the other day, trying out our new phones and all the fancy apps.  He took a picture of me standing (awkwardly and i'm sure there was a breeze in the room) and said "Hey look! From the angle your standing with that shirt, you look pregnant. Awesome!"  Not really what I was going for, but thanks??  Just one of the many highlights of living with a group of boy cousins:)  They always tell when what your wearing really does make you look fat.

I cannot believe I am posting this...never wearing that shirt again!!

Laughter: I walked into the living room one afternoon just as one cousin was coming home from shopping.  What for?  An outfit for his Octoberfest party that night.  Obviously, he had to try it on.  Yet another highlight of living with the boys, free entertainment!!!

Boredom?? What is a girl to do on a rainy day, when she is not employed and trying to save money while also staying entertained??  Well, makeovers sound like a good idea.  Yes, my cousin let me do this to him.  

Some homemade hair mask

A terrible haircut because apparently, I cannot cut hair.  What a good sport (It got buzzed off about an hour later)

New hobbies: Walk into the main living room on a rainy Sunday evening and you will see something a little like the picture below.  Fifa on the big screen, a not so important football game on a computer, and another laptop for the computer game.  What am I doing while all of this is going on?? Well, I do watch the game, but while I am also blogging, facebooking, lesson planning, practicing norwegian (rarely, I admit) or painting my nails...

I grew up with 4 girls and one boy (my dad) and always had girl roommates so this is quite a difference.  It's me and the boys living in a 3 apartment unit.  For the first time in my life, the boys outnumber me.  I've never had brothers but my cousins are as close as it gets.  Hopefully, they aren't sick of me waking them up to go running, making them play their football games on their computer so we can watch the new episode of The Voice or asking for thoughts on my outfits:)  If they are, they're out of luck because I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

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